. . . . . . . don nelson & yankee doodle . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . don nelson & yankee doodle . . . . . . .

I'm committed (along with other writers) to building a community of authors, using 21st Century tools, to enhance the lives of children. The most important thing about me as a writer is my motto: "Bore No One". I have been writing children's fiction since 2007.

Lastly, my dog in the photo - Yankee Doodle - was the best dog I've ever known. She passed away in May of 2013 one day before her 10th birthday. We were a team and so in memory of her, she will remain on this page. Doodle was an American Foxhound.

Expertise I'm a darn good writer and so . . . I'm currently looking for a literary agent to represent me. I have completed (March-2014) an Upper MG Novel for "adventure loving" girls & boys titled: "The Nautical Adventures of a Boy and his Creature."

Skills I'm very good at the carnival game called "ring-toss", but then I practice a lot. But hey . . . a guy can only give so many "Giant" lions and tigers and bears, to his wife.

Location The Central Coast of California - voted the happiest place on earth by my canine friends


Email Donnelson1@mac.com

Phone Cell #: 925-980-5907