. . . don e. nelson . . .

. . . don e. nelson . . .

I am unique because I can use both sides of my brain to write technical non-fiction as well as creative fiction.(but not at the same time)


Expertise Ten years ago, I began writing fiction in the shape of the word "FUN" full of wild characters, picturesque narrative, adventure and dialogue. I am drawn to dramatize (infer & enliven), set the scene, and narrate the fantastic - but I also continue to be a content creator for the technical world.

Skills The content I create is full of energy and imagination that cannot be touched, or smelled, yet when I season it with truth, and honest emotion, it causes an individual to respond positively to the clients message.

Location The Central Coast of California - voted the happiest place on earth by my canine friends, and home to some of the best CONTENT CREATORS.


Email Donnelson1@mac.com

Phone Cell #: 925-980-5907