Picture Book titled: The Holemakers" (click here)

I'm a huge fan of words and pictures and this is a story of an inquisitive mouse, with a dare-devil nature, full of childish imagination, and curiosity, who likes the holes in Swiss cheese more than the cheese itself. This little mouse named, Marvin tours a cheese factory - hoping to meet the “Hole Makers”. It’s an adventurous tale - full of danger, suspense, and a few surprises along the way.

 This Picture Book has gone through countless revisions, and has been critiqued by an editor at a SCBWI convention as well as my (online) Critique Partners.

Excerpt: Irving Mouse loved everything about Swiss cheese. But what he really liked, were the holes. He often dreamed about the Hole-Makers, the people who made the holes in the cheese. One day he told his Mom. “When I grow up, I want to be a Hole-Maker in a Swiss cheese factory.The next week Irving saw a poster in the window of the local cheese factory. It read:  Free Tour Today - Come see how Swiss Cheese is made.