Titles of my (non-children's) short stories & their inspiration (click here)

 Short Story Archive - Other Genre's 

1. The Silent Method - - - (Dramatic Fiction) Inspired by a couple’s missionary assignment to England to create a new universal language for the world’s deaf people.

2. An Ancient Echo - - - (Historical Fiction) Inspired by the actual process of recovering sound from ancient pottery. 

3. Discovering Cometary X-Rays - - -  (Non-Fiction science article)Inspired by the EBIT (Electron Beam Ion Trap) facility at LLNL, that explains how comets produce x-rays.

4. Lost in the Forest  - - -  (Biographical) Inspired by my friend Sheril)

5. To Hell and Back  - - -  (Historical Fiction) Inspired by my study of “The lost temple of King Solomon”  (Photo Illustrated)     

6. donnie don’t - - - (A Childs Tale-Biographical) Inspired by real life events.

7. The Fear Hunters - - - (Psychological Drama) Inspired by a true case of fear as described to me by a friend.(Think Scary  Ghost Busters)

8.Down in the Dumps - - - (Dramatic-Mystery)Inspired by a personal experience. A friend said this is very:  “Stephen King-ish”

9. Stealing a Memory - - -  (Historical Therapeutic Adventure) Inspired by an article in United’s Hemisphere’s magazine. 

10. Killing her with Kindness - - - (Parable) A short-short tale told to me by a waitress at the Crave Restaurant in El Jebel, CO.

11. One Moment in Time (Poem)Inspired by the June 2008 issue of National Geographic Magazine

12. Food for Thought (Dramatic parable) Jeff at Pannera Bread told me about a boiling water metaphor.

13. An Emotional Anchor (Dramatic fictional story)Inspired by Sheril.

14. Under the Radar ( Political - think piece) Inspired by a single 3-sec scene from the movie: “Body of Lives”        

15.In the wink of time (Inspirational) Inspired by a (nondescipt) roadside diner.

16. I woke up and she was gone  (Dramatic fictional story) Inspired by a line given to me by my wife. 

17. The Extra Large Purse (Funny Story) Inspired by my friend Bonnie. She once said. “Oh my, there’s a steak in my purse.”

18. Happy Accident –(Historical Fiction) On the day Paul met John - the musical world was never the same. Inspired by the idea of magical meetings.

19. A Perfect Fit  (Emotional - Inspirational) Inspired by the comments  of another writer who critiqued one of my storys.

20.The Farthest Day From Christmas  (Children’s story) Inspired by an over-heard comment: "His dad works in a marble store."

21. The Green Mission (Inspirational story) Inspired by a Little Green Man From Mars that I once met in a road side diner. He liked mustard on his eggs. Go figure?

22. Show . . . don’t tell   (Dramatic fictional story) Inspired by an NPR interview with an author.

23. The Actions of Others (Inspirational story)Inspired by an actual event involving my friends: Houston & Shane at Golden Hills Church: "Where are all the Good Samaritans."

24. A Proper Cup of Tea (Dramatic fictional story) Inspired by the line: "The main character dies at the end of chapter one”. This idea given to me by my wife.

 25. Tales of the Big People (Think piece) Inspired by Sheril who struggles with this very thing.

26. Born an Orphan (YA story) Inspired by watching a family enter Starbucks preocupied with their social media devices.

 27. The Potter’s Masterpiece (Inspirational story) Inspired by a walk in a CA redwood forest.

28. The Voice of Reason (Flash Fiction) Inspired by my muse.

29. Rough Country (Literary Drama) Inspired by a decal on the back of a jeep wrangler that said: Rough Country.

30. The Perfect Vehicle (Inspirational) Inspired by Jeff at Panera Bread

31. Bitter Beans (Poem) Inspired by my writing time at Starbucks and observing the temperaments of various people waiting in line to get: A Cupa Joe.

32. The Blue House (Flash Fiction) Inspired by the words: "It all started one month, three days, and six words ago."

33. The Magical Child (Flash Fiction Inspired by a real store called: The Magical Child.

34. Shopping For New Clothes. Inspired by a lady with a parrot named Falstaff.

35. The Storm of Life (Children’s story) Inspired by a few old and young people interacting at a coffee shop.

36. Bottle of Tears (Dramatic Story) Inspired by Cheryl ‘s bible lesson. 

37. Too Much Tranquility (Western)Inspired by a horse back ride through Round Valley, CA with my wife.

38. The Spirit of the Red Horse (Dramatic Story that could easily be a novel )Inspired by my many horse back rides with my wife and my own indian pony named: Lightfoot.

. . .and then came: Novel writing time.