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Latest Greeting Card Copy Sold:

Front of Card - Eight out of ten doctors

polled said they want

you to get well soon.

Inside of Card - I have no idea

why two of those doctors don’t like you.


Encouragement Verse

SOLD to: Designergreetings

Hiding your tears from people you don’t know is perfectly okay. Hiding your tears from the people who love you, doesn’t allow them to cry with you.


Encouragement Verse

SOLD to: Designergreetings

A terrible loss can sometimes strand us on a lonely island. Still, we need to keep our eyes open for that one special friend - who is out there - searching for us.


     — Business Slogans Accepted By Various Companies 

Flooring Co. = "The Go-To Guys For Flooring" (Price:$500) Yowza! $22.00 Per Letter. Eat your heart out J.K. Rawlings. Oops. My apologies to Ms. Rawlings. I recently learned she earned $100 a letter for the entire Harry Potter series. But then - who needs that kind of money? This slogan was later "Trademarked" by this Florida flooring company.


Trailways Bus Co. =  “You deserve to be driven”  (Price:$250) 


Adaptxt (Voice to Text Software Company) =  “Effortless Communication” (Price:$250)


YoJooJoo (Organic - healthy drink line) =  “Lets Drink To Your Health”  (Price:$50)


Thrive (Men's therapy & counseling) =  “We Deliver a New You (Price:$60)


 Totally Rocks Jewelry = ”Wear what rocks you” (Price:$125)


Seminar Squad = ”Travel Virtually Care Free” (Price:$75)



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- - - I call the process: SPONTANEOUS - CREATIVITY - EXERCISE: I write these captains  to jumpstart the creative part of my brain rather than using  "coffee". (Not that I have anything against using coffee as a "crutch" to get your day started.)