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Cat's Cradle Time Yarns: Time Yarns Anthologies Book 3 (Amazon E-Book), Dec-30-2012

Cat's Cradle - Time Yarns Anthologies: "The Sleepy Cat's Treasure Hunt"

One person wrote: Don Nelson's "The Sleepy Cat's Treasure Hunt" brings back fond memories of my favorite childhood book, "Captain Kitty." Here's a synopsis: A sleepy narrator drifts into a dream with his feline companion, sailing with a crew of cats & kitties as they dodge the clumsy cannon balls of Captain Yapper and his ship of Pirate Dogs. It's charming, comical and dreamy... but was it just a dream?

Another person wrote: "This would make a very good kid-lit book, illustrated with cartoons, or animated into a video. The device of the dream, which may not have been a dream after all, works rather well. The author, has provided the reader with some very amusing turns of a phrase:It was a truly cozy place, this land of grey and pink… Spitting out a fur-ball, Oreo… …casting my own breadcrumbs upon the waters, and he was truly a cat of few meows. The story is full of this richly comic imagery, particularly the clumsy dog-pirates, and the battle at sea. Clearly written by a cat-lover!"

Remember:"Pirate Cats Tell No Tails"


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