Magazine & Peer Review Journal Articles (click here)

This is a partial list of articles I have authored / co-authored at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

1. A linear electric motor to study turbulent hydrodynamics. "Review of Scientific Instruments" 

2. Infra/Red Imaging article: "Photonics Spectra Magazine" 

3. (Patent Holder) A compact electron spectrometer for hot electron measurement in pulsed laser solid interaction. "Review of Scientific Instruments." 

4. Text and Photo contributor (Aerial Mine Detection) to "Popular Mechanics Magazine." 

5. Temperature Evaluated Mine Position Survey Video. Script Writer.

6. Featured Article:LabView controls capture and display of four "Live" video images. "Labview Monthly Newsletter."

7. Comic Book: A Journey Through Time. (14 pages) Writer & Producer - 10,000 copies  printed."Published by the Univ. of CA."UCRL-MI-149440

8. Writer, producer and director of a (classified) scientific video documentary titled: SHRACS - A Super High Resolution Active Crystal Spectrometer. 60-min. 

9. Joint USA/British experimentation on laser induced plasma's. (11/90) "LLNL & AWRE."  Atomic Weapons Research Establishment - Great Britain.

10. Conceptual Analysis Project titled: Dynamic metrology of an oscilating liquid surface. *Never before attempted experiment. "Univ. of CA. Reference Library" (UCRL) 

11. Time resolved spectroscopy of ultrashort pulse laser generated x-rays using a "Von Hamos" crystal spectrocopy. "UCRL Doc."

12. X-ray focusing dual-crystal "Von Hamos" spectrometer for measuring high density plasmas. "UCRL Doc."

13. Scientific article entitled: The mystery of cometary x-rays revealed. "UCRL Doc."

14. Title: The Linear Electric Motor: Instability at 1,000 g’s. To investigate inertial confinement fusion, Lawrence Livermore has built a linear electric motor (LEM) that can provide selected acceleration profiles up to 1,000 times Earth’s gravity. "LLNL - Science & Technology Review." 

15. Low Energy X‐Ray Spectrometer. "AIP Conference Proceedings." Volume 75.

16. Advanced Optics Conceptual Prototype. Liquid replenishing mirror for high powered lasers. UCRL-JC-142094 Patent #

17. Aerial Mine Detection (Sky Sweeper) Contributed photo & text to Popular Mechanics Mag. (


. . . and now for something completely different. What follows are the most ridiculous areas of research I was requested to carry out.


18 Men Wearing Black Suits, Area 49, 50, 51, and 53,(ad infinitum) Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floydian Colonies, Operation Mocking - Mina - Bird, Large-Curd vs Small Curd Cottage Cheese Program (Sponsored by the CA Milk Advisory Board) Creepy Robots & Clowns, Hummingbirds VS Non-Flying Drones, The XYZ-Manned Alphabet Program, Project Metal Paperclip, Operation Muffin Top, Dog's Nose & Acoustic Kitty Prototype, Operation Hip-Hoppitty Meteror Dancer, Bouncy-Bouncy Egg Project and the Starbucks Red Christmas Cup (with no decorations) Controversary.