I LOVE writing. I HATE having finished writing.” (click here)

 A Long Time Ago, in a Childhood Far, Far Away...

 There are story-tellers in the world far better than me, but that will not keep me from telling my own personal and strangely compelling stories.

 By nature - I'm an introvert. By deliberate choice - I'm an extrovert.

I love to write prose in the shape of a historical novel. Full of character, picturesque narrative, adventure and dialogue - that will bore no one, nor cause them to fall sleep.

I'm drawn to: dramatize (infer & enliven), set the scene, and  narrate the truth (authentic & faithful) of historical facts.


I have never read a single Harry Potter book and I have never seen any of the movies, and I never will, because:

At a large writer's conference, a most "important and significant" Literary Agent for Children's Books spoke to me directly, in a public forum, and said, "If you haven't' read the Harry Potter books, there is no way you can write a novel for children."

"My aim is to prove her - wrong."