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Panic is no ordinary word!

When I was twelve, I lived in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. One day I was hiking in  two miles from home, at 7,000 feet elevation, lookin

Published on 11/28/2016

Royal Crown

In the style of @dLYNX She's a fairy princess        he’s not a prince  She has royal blood      he’s a mere pauper  Born to be together  

Law and Order at the Zoo

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear and he always smelled like pizza. Well, he wasn’t really a bear and that wasn’t his real name but he did always smel

The Never Ending Enticement of Temptation

Max Drencher is my name, traveling back through time has always been my dream. Long before our civilized age there was a time when this f

Spirit of the Red Horse (Excerpt #2)

His grandfather’s father had first told the story of the ‘spirit of the red horse’. No one had ever seen the mythical horse but everyone w

A Perfect Fit

It was too easy, too soon, too dull, too boring, and so she quit. No one had ever just up and left. Working for Christian Lacroix’, the mo

Ever wonder why milk is white

Our normal language is full of white lies told by nice people. To say something that is not true is a conscious effort to deceive or give

The literary truth will set you free

Anybody who says to you,                     “Rejection is part of writing and never take it personally” is telling you a literary lie. The

The Spirit of the Red Horse (Excerpt #1)

 The smoke from the hearth swirled through the drafty one room cabin as Lightfoot sifted through the embers wit

* * * The Fear Hunters * * *

“Pity and fear are the two lowest emotions and sometimes require a purging of the soul”    

What If John Lennon wrote Pantoum?

Eleanor Rigby, picks up the rice In the church where a wedding has been Waits at the window, wearing the face That she keeps in a jar by t

So far . . . no one has read this poem

Today I read a magazine. It said that even though binge watching was all the trend many years ago, the latest trend is people who only tal

. . . All Fairy Tales Are True . . .

The story of the pink fairy, when alas she ‘adorns her tale, and points to a moral as well, is all about courage, youth, beauty, kindness,

Good Things Can Happen To Any One

Through light and dark, faith and sin, darkness has at last covered my light, and changed my day into night. Standing at the ancient cros

A "Quiet River" flows throughout this land.

The slim squaw did not smile, her bright and love filled eyes scanned the area as she glided among the aspen trees, while her long black h

The Magician and His Fabulousa Assistant

And now “Laaaydeeeez an’ gennelmennn, fresh from Dumfriesshire, in the heartland of some where, may I present, the magic-man, Extra Ordinari

Did you ever Google - Google?

A slow internet connection, it’s a real blessing in disguise, gives me lots of time to evaluate, am I using the appropriate keywords. Those

Restless I was, agitated as well, I didn’t know why, something was missing. It had been a long, long time, since I made the effort, to act


My wonderful literary agent, Gabriella Shantaye’, whom I love dearly, because of her graceful manner, exquisite taste and her bright blue ey

. . . . Trouble At Sea . . . . .

One hundred and fifty feet above the Pacific Ocean, a nineteen-year-old girl, know to her friends as, Steam Girl, stood on the one-hundred-

"Literary Post-It Note"

An anonymous Proser first gave me the idea of using a "Personal Prose Page" as a kind of "Literary Post-It Note" to jot down: *Random though

Candied Yams and Twice Baked Potatoes

“I just can’t carve our thanksgiving turkey at the table one more time. I’m sorry, I just can’t do it.” “Oh Dad, don’t say that. I can’t

I’m originally and officially from Modesto, CA.

I was on, for at least ten years, it coulda’ been more, but then I committed the 'ultimate' sin and got 'booted' from the site. Th

............What’s in a name.............

We even forgot our own names, but that wasn’t the worst of it, we had forgotten how to get back to the surface. We were stranded in a deep

A Nod and a Wink

Every morning, as if for the first time, the Sun rises early and kisses the Earth with its’ gift of warmth and light and . . . all things ar

A Journey To Freedom

Captain Lightfoot, a retired Royal Navy commander, dressed all in white, welcomed the pilgrims on board the H.M.S. Mayflower. “I’ve been wai

My Muse is a Spirit

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d by the lines: A passion driving, voice and pen  by dLYNX My glorious muse, her resonating voice of, never

8-20-1978 . . . I Once Was Lost

I found myself alone, in the evil evening air. The straightforward path I had lost, stumbled I did into the lowest regions. Having fallen

My Personal Zombie Journal

Day One of the Apcolypse (sp?) Dear To Who It May Concern, Today I eliminated over one hundred of those underfed, walking dead when they w

A Sad Day for America

It’s a popular urban myth, propagated endlessly and nonstop by Wikipedia that Ernest Hemingway was once quoted as telling, Pauline Kale of t

Repurposed Poetry

I built a contrivance, all mechanical in style, from blueprints stolen, using my luscious smile. It was to provide the only practical solut

     Nine months of excitement - our first child - came to an end                                    She never cried    The doctor said th

My Hats Off

Our dark world just got darker, Leonard Cohen has passed away. I humbly give a tip of my hat, to a man whose poetry fit him well, but his v

Final Score: Zero to Zero

Any way you look at it: Sacrificial, unconditional, agape love doesn't keep score.    Sacrificial   unconditional       agape       love 

I'll never drink coffee or smoke in bed again.

The notebook got stained when, my coffee cup rested there, my ashes covered her latest poem. Now she left me, it was her journal, it was

0101 10 11 1 001 10 "I Love Covert Desserts"

It was half past midnight, the curtains were wide open. I peeked inside to see what I could see, no, it wasn’t that kind of immoral peeking

A Special Race

Excitement bubbled inside Jackson at the possibilities of today's race. All day, his animal friends had competed by running down the long di

Killing Her With Kindness

The senior center bus came to a rolling stop at the bus stop curb. Oh, oh, the woman driver thought to herself, there she is, just like ever

Floating On Air

“Come on Bobbie, jump in the water, it’s not that cold.” The eight-year-old boy looked away from the lake and said, “I don’t mind the col

An Emotional Anchor

"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." Andre Gide (F

A mere snippet of a short-short story

The wind tore the boy’s words from his mouth. “If we don’t run out of photons, I think we can make it to the finish line.” Brandon had

* * * * * The Voice of Reason * * * * *

If the young man named, Desperate had heard the loud and passionate voice of Jack Reason, he may not have jumped to his death into the Unkn

New Found Love

I thought I suffered from a fit of sickness, but found it merely a case of homesickness. I’d never made a formal objection, as to the qualm

Please, don't try and be too cute when you respond to this challenge on Prose.

. . . . . A Class Act . . . . .

. . . may I suggest, as the author of this piece, before reading, go get yourself a short-stemmed glass whose vessel has a wide bottom and a

In a . . . Wink of Time

    Kaylee’s dad hollered, “Are you ready to go to breakfast?” as he meticulously picked dog hair and lint off his sweater. The sixteen-y

. . . Too Much Tranquility . . . (Part 2)

Sergeant Hara, standing above me, steps into the street and calls out, “Al fa tarah,” (On your belly). He levels his Browning automatic pis

Published on 11/09/2016

My Literary Super Power

When in the course of human events, something amazing occurs, that changes your life forever, you have to wonder . . . Why Me?  Why was I

Rough Country (Part 3)

Chapter Five She took a deep breath and spit it out. “Okay here goes. Shit. It’s not much of a story. Nothing like yours. You know, Hollyw

Published on 11/03/2016

Rough Country (Part 2)

Chapter Three Jimmy brought the Jeep to a stop and cut the engine. Rascal woke up. “Are you packing a piece, young lady? For protection I m

. . . Too Much Tranquility . . . (Part 1)

 . . . as the hot shadows of the residential area lengthened, preparing for the imminent night, four close-coupled gunshots rang out. The sh

Rough Country (Part 1)

Chapter One Nineteen-year-old Jimmy Sequoia lifted the last 5-gallon can of gas into his black hard topped Jeep. He hollered to his mom a

. . . Too Much Tranquility . . .

Two Edited Chapters: (1,000 words) From A Longer Work in Progress: (6,000 words) Chapter 1 As the hot shadows of the residential area le

Death Times Fourteen

‘I ROLL ASH BETWEEN FINGER AND THUMB’…It’s still warm. I smell it. Putrid, but there’s a certain holiness to it, like a cremated soul. It’s

Eye & Ear Candy

Book: The Alchemist by Paul Coelho (Paperback) CD:   Caravan and the New Sympho

Weep For Them

The ugliest number,  in the world, 4400. Every day in America, death tolls for the unborn. In the future, people will wonder. What kind o

Writing is, a neck-down art. You either feel it, or you don’t. Writing is thinking, not always with your brain. Writing is messy, you

This Girl: She Got Poem

This was written in a prison cell in Cologne, Germany by a Jewish girl. I believe in the sun, although

"Bitter Beans"

The juxtaposition of two women - sitting at Starbucks - on a beautiful day. Woman #1 She had red lips, with wisps of black hair, that kne

"I Never met a muskrat I didn't like."

I like to eat and sleep and play, but most of all I like to eat. And when I eat, I always say, ‘thank you’ for what I have to eat. And wh

My Two Best Friends

  Flying in the wind, I smile and watch, you ride your ghost horse, your first equine  love, before you met me. Just like in real life, I

If only I knew . . .

Through these newborn eyes I see, those funny little things in front of me. I stretch out to touch them, I grab f

A Lawless Society

I write mostly in public places and I’m normally oblivious to other people while I’m working but one day last week, I overheard these two l

A Day in the Life: by The Beatles: Rewritten as a poem

The newspaper wrote today, about a rich young dude. It was so very sad, couldn’t stop laughing. The photos were horrible, the way he died

Don’t read this unless you've already had your first cup of coffee.

I should tell you up front, I don’t drink coffee; ‘not that I have anything against using coffee as a "crutch" to get your day started’. I

"Smitten at First Sight"

The other day, I was trying to recreate in my mind, the first date with my wife, without dwelling on the fact that she almost drowned. How

Vulgarity is no ordinary word

This is an impromptu and informal essay, not at all like the ones I wrote in high school and college, and then never wrote another one again

Futility on washday

There’s an ugly blood stain, in everyone of us. We try to cover it up, but we can’t hide it. The people with, the greatest stains, try e

Three Days That Changed The World

The pure and perfect Sparrow, cried and died as a sacrifice, on that fateful day. It was a Friday. Three days later came, a wonderful day.


In Perfect Harmony

To Build or to Plant, We have a choice. To become a Builder or a Planter, You have a choice. Build a building and when the building sto

. . . . To Hell and Back . . . .

 Virtual Chapter Six "This is your muck-stick, kid, get married to it.” For most first time descenders, the ride down in complete blacknes

• Double Fear •

It was winter in Colorado. I was three. My Dad, God Bless his soul, thought it would be fun to pull me up a seldom traveled dirt road, on a

Yankee Doodle was an American foxhound

I couldn't have loved her more, but when she got sick, I wanted one last look into her eyes, but she was too far gone, and she couldn’t see

I Was Born That Way

Mr. Lefty Pinkey, on numerous occasions, I’ve told you I’m very sorry for the hundreds of injuries I’ve caused you over the years. I’m also

It’s a livin’ . . . . . .

"You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar . . . while I was waitin’ tables down the block at the, Choke n’

The Prose Anthem

What you write, I’ll read. When you cry, I’ll cry. When you laugh, I’ll laugh. . . I will follow you. .

Published on 10/26/2016

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The Ultimate Road Trip

Two men went looking for America, and headed out that fateful day, for a cross-country ride. Gliding along the open, highways and byways, i

. . The Big Hurry . .

        The creatures looked like furry ostriches with arms instead of wings, short necks, and long hairless tails. with a fan of feathers o

Disappointment In Real Time

Some of the locals say it was more than two hundred years ago when the largest Coral Crater in the world was discovered by native explorers,

One Un-Friendly Knight

While growing up during the unstable times of Middle Earth, my Dad told me, “Son, walk or run away from trouble; it's usually the best and s

The Fine Print

“Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Darrow. You law firm was highly recommended. Have you, as you say, dissected, my Uncle Bert’s will.” “

******A Writers Dilemma******

It was a Tuesday, about 11:00 am when I stopped at the community center to put up a flyer for a men’s breakfast at our church when I saw a

. . . . . A Doughnut or a Doll . . . . .

The man sat quietly in a stuffed chair at the far corner of the busy coffee bistro, enjoying his cinnamon roll and listening to the merry

More Signal – Less Noise

Since the fall, things started going, from bad to worse. The entire universe was Broken, not just our world Earth. Out of the wilderness


The spring rain had stopped and Bobby was ready to go outside and play with his furry little dog. He told his mom, “I’m going to pull Yanke

You Know What ?

“Hi Grandma, “ the four-year-old boy said. “Would you read me a story?” “Sure Freddy, “ His grandmother replied. “I’d love to read you a


The best horror movie I ever SAW was a movie that had a one word title, but I have since forgotten the title.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Zero to Sixty in 3.6 seconds

Gus looked at me, then back at his breakfast. He sniffed at his biscuit. Gus was my best friend but he had always been a picky eater. “Y

The Physics of Love

They say opposites attract. Scientists say, a weak force is always attracted to a strong force. My wife is the strong force in the family; I

Frolicking By The Sea

There is an ongoing myth that I don’t exist. Poppycock, I say. How can I tell my story, and how can you read it, if I don’t exist. Now I wil


A Hero With A Secret

My villain has a secret. He is the kindest person I have ever known. He loves animals, helps the elderly and talks to the disabled, rather t

In portal Flash Fiction.  In challenge Every villain is the hero of his own story. Make me believe it.

My Younger Self

Adulthood is a strange place to live. It's the opposite of the inner child. There are no daydreams - no whimsical playing - no making fartin

In challenge Describe adulthood

Oh Donna

Dedicated to a lovely poser: Donnasfineart1 Oh, Donna Oh, Donna Oh, Donna Oh, Donna I had a girl Donna was her name Since she left me I've

Polite to a fault

"Excuse me, are you in line?" I got no response. I asked again - nothing. I was irked. Some people are deaf, to questions from strangers.  W

I Hate Long Lines

I stood in line. It was one of those lines that never moved. I was ready to bail and go buy a bagel. I inched forward, a half step at a time

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A Fluffy Dream

Dreaming is like swimming in a pool full of cotton balls. Very little skill is required. Sometimes I think I am in the olympics, and racing

What's in a Name

I had always been number two. It's common knowledge that everybody like me wanted to be number one. I didn't even know if that position exis

Patience of Mind

I was sick and tired. I was born this way. Trapped in a body, that had never worked. I wanted to die, but I had to wait. Until my body died.

A Deadly Lie

It was against the law. I knew it, and so did every sane person in America. I only did it once, but once was enough to get locked up. It wa

Disconnected . . .

The internet stopped working.