Samples of my flash fiction (click here)

Flash Fiction Sample #1

One Un-Friendly Knight


            While growing up during the unstable times of Middle Earth, my Dad always reminded me:

“Son, walk or run away from trouble; it is usually the best and safest thing to do.”

            The once brave Knight, Sir Paulus, whom only yesterday had been my good and honorable friend was now standing in front of me wearing a heavy shiny metal suit and wielding a sharp double edged sword. Setting aside our friendship, he had abandoned his courage and was now my opponent. He had come to slay me so he could selfishly become the hero of the day and marry the village Princess.

            Avoiding hatred as my first reaction, I thought back to the good times we shared. As different as we were, we were always able to fight side by side against any evil opponent. I tried to imagine what kind of soul suffering would have lead to his change of heart. I knew my new opponent was neither good nor evil and so I decided to heed my father’s advice and I asked him.

             “Instead of running away from the trouble in front of me, can I just fly away?”           

            He winked at me and said.

“Son that’s a very good idea; that’s one of the best reasons that fire-breathing Dragon’s like us, were given the ability to fly. (END)


Flash Fiction Sample #2  

Chasing After False Rainbows

I would have made a fool of myself, in front of a crowd of noon-time shoppers, if I had bent over to pick up that set of keys, if I hadn't seen they were attached to a fishing line that trailed off towards a cardboard box, ten-feet away.

I sat back and ate my lunch as I watched a dozen men, women, and children, like chickens chasing their beaks, scurry after the set of jingling-jangling keys that skittered across the concrete and disappeared into a ragged hole in the side of the box.

It was the best forty-five minute lunch break I’d ever had. Who was in the box? I didn’t care. For you see, tomorrow, it would be my keys lying there, and I would be in the box, reeling in the unsuspecting fish.

Oh and by the way, it was the children that laughed the loudest as they took part in the merry pranksters plan.